Israeli armed forces, Thursday, abducted nine Palestinians from across the occupied West Bank districts, as well as summoned five others for interrogation, according to official and security sources.In Bethlehem, forces took three locals from Aida Refugee Camp and the village of Nahalin. Ahmad Odeh, 25, was detained from Aida camp, whereas Ahamd Shakarneh, 26, and Nour Shakarneh, 21, were detained while they were present in Jerusalem for lacking an entry permit.

Forces further raided and searched a number of homes in the village of Nahalin, according to WAFA, where they handed five locals notices ordering them to appear before Israeli intelligence at the Gush Etzion settlement bloc. The five were identified as Ali Shakarneh, 24, Ahmad S. Najajreh, 23, Nassar Nassar, 21, Ahmad W. Najajreh, 24, and Nour-Adin Shakarneh, 21.

In Jenin’s town of Jaba’, soldiers further abducted a local identified as Anees A’lawneh, 27, after raiding and searching his family’s home.

Local Hamad Qabaha, 27, was also taken at Barta’a Israeli military checkpoint to the south of Jenin.

In Nablus, forces kidnapped two locals from the village of Madama to the south, after raiding and searching their homes. The Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS) identified them as Mohammed Qat and Ahmad Nassar.

In Hebron, the army also took two locals during a raid and search campaign conducted across the city and the nearby village of al-Shoukh. They were identified as Mohammed al-Ajloni, 18, and Hamdan Owedat, a university student enrolled in al-Quds Open University. They were both taken to an unknown destination.

Forces further raided several areas in Hebron’s town of Beit Ummar, where they raided and wreaked havoc upon several homes.

Coordinator of the anti-settlement and wall committee in northern Hebron, Mohammed Awad, said that forces reportedly took locals’ ID and phone numbers, and counted the houses’ rooms.

Forces also raided the home of local Ahmad Abu Hashem and handed him a notice ordering him to appear for interrogation.

Soldiers reportedly placed a dagger inside Abu Hashem’s home and proceeded to photograph it, which spurred a heated argument with the house owner, who accused the soldiers of planting it inside his home. Forces withdrew from the area after more than three hours.