Based on the volume of scientific material posted on the internet; the excellence of its content and the number of external links referencing the material, Birzeit University has climbed up the Webometrics Ranking and is now ranked 1st in Palestine and 31st in the Arab world, as of January 2016. Globally, Birzeit ranked 2,140 amongst 24,000 universities worldwide. Based on this data, Birzeit now ranks in the top 3 percent in the Arab world and top 10 percent globally.

The survey used a composite ranking formula to evaluate universities, combining numerous criteria that include the number of links to the university’s website; the number of web pages published by the university; the number of academic publications on the internet; and the citation record of the University’s academic publications.

“This evaluation is live evidence of the University’s hard work in investing in research, innovation and scientific advancement. These are our core activities, enabling us to develop differentiated and effective academic systems, and making it possible for our country – Palestine – to join the global knowledge society and compete in sophisticated knowledge economies,” said Professor Abu Hijleh, University President.

According to Dr. Talal Shahwan, Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Webometrics can reveal useful information about a university’s scientific exposure to local and international communities through the web, and its accomplishments and research excellence. He added that an effective presence on the web is vital for the dissemination of academic knowledge and scientific material.

Similarly, Birzeit University has also been classified as the top Palestinian university by the QS Ranking, which also placed Birzeit in the 61-70 cohort amongst Arab universities.

About the Webometric Ranking

The Webometric Ranking was initiated by a research group affiliated to the Spanish National Research Council, the largest public research body in Spain. This ranking is based on the quantitative analysis of internet and web contents specifically related to the process of generating and communicating scientific knowledge. The purpose of Webometric Ranking is to promote global access to academic knowledge produced by universities and institutions worldwide.

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