Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah, on Monday, reiterated the urgent need for international forces to protect Palestinian lives, in the occupied West Bank and Gaza, to a visiting British Parliamentary delegation.Hamdallah briefed the delegation about the continuous Israeli violations of Palestinian rights, daily incursions, home demolitions and illegal transfer of Palestinians in Area C. He also informed them, according to the PNN, about Palestinian plans to raise the issue of illegal Israeli settlements at the UNSC no later than April.

Israeli forces have shot dead five Palestinians in the past 24 hours, including three teenagers, in separate incidents in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.

“More than 175 Palestinians have been killed since October, many of them are children. Israel’s policy of extrajudicial assassinations can only be prevented by the presence of international forces; this Israeli government has shown no regard to Palestinian lives,” said Jamal Dajani, Director of Strategic Communications & Media at the Prime Minister’s Office.

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