The Algerian and Palestinian football teams, on Wednesday, held a historical friendly match that made an exception to the rule, where Algerian fans cheered for the Palestinian team, and Palestinian fans cheered for the Algerian team.The match, held at the 5 July Stadium in Algeria city, ended with Palestine winning with one point, and cheers for the Palestinian lives and land, with poetry cited by the commentator.

Against all odds, Algerians were celebrating the Palestinian goal in their own net, according to the PNN.

The motto of the match was “We are with Palestine whether unjust or oppressed,” a phrase that was spoken by the deceased Algerian president, Houari Boumediene.

The Algerian people have shown numerous solidarity stands with the Palestinian people, especially during football matches that included thousands cheering for Palestine, despite the irrelevance of the participating teams.

The historical bond comes from the mutuality of struggle, as Algeria is known as a country of one million martyrs who died for the freedom of their land.

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