Israeli Foreign Minister and the head of “Israel Our Home” far-right fundamentalist party, Avigdor Lieberman, was among the hundreds of Israeli fanatics, protesting in front of the Military Court that was holding a hearing in the case of the soldier who was caught on tape executing a seriously wounded Palestinian, last Thursday in Hebron.Lieberman and his supporters were protesting the arrest of the soldier, and described him as an ‘Israeli hero who was performing his duties.’

The slain Palestinian has been identified as Abdul-Fattah Yosri Sharif, 21, another Palestinian, identified as Ramzi Aziz Qasrawi, 21, was instantly killed by the soldiers, allegedly after they both ‘attempted to stab soldiers.’

‘We came here to express our support and solidarity with the soldier,’ Lieberman said, ‘We are also here to condemn the rude meddling of Benjamin Netanyahu and the Defense Minister in this case.’

Lieberman also stated that ‘it is unacceptable that a 19-year-old soldier is being attacked this way, even before an official investigation is concluded.’

He claimed that he did not support the conduct of the soldier, but added that he prefers to see ‘a soldier who made a wrong judgement and remained alive, rather than seeing a soldier who remained hesitant and God forbid, got killed by terrorists.’

Soldier Executes A Wounded Palestinian

Warning! Graphic Content – Viewer Discretion Advised Israeli Soldier Executes A Wounded Palestinian In Hebron

Posted by Imemc News on Thursday, March 24, 2016

‘We came here to tell the court, and the government that this soldier cannot be charged with murder; they are trying to portray him as a criminal,’ Lieberman added, ‘Unfortunately, the Defense Minister is labeling him as a criminal, and that is why we are all protesting, and demanding his release.’

Lieberman’s statements contradict the facts on the ground, as the Palestinian was already completely incapacitated after his very serious injury, and posed no threat to any soldier or settler.

Israel is going after the soldier because the outrageous crime was captured on film by a Imad Abu Shamsiyya, Palestinian videographer and human rights worker whose video of the murder of a 21-year-old Palestinian, led to a number of death threats, as well as gatherings outside his home of Israeli settlers vowing to harm him, and has been told by the Israeli police and military that they will not protect him or his family from the settlers.

The video also clearly shows that the soldier did not act on his own, as other soldiers who were standing nearby, moved away to give him a clear shot to the head on the seriously wounded Palestinian.