Al Qassam Brigades Spokesman Abu Obaida

Abu Obeida, the spokesperson of the Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Hamas movement, stated Saturday that there will be no free information regarding the fate of the four Israeli soldiers, believed to be in the hands of al-Qassam in Gaza since the war of 2014.Abu Obeida said his group is not holding talks or negotiations, of any sort or shape, with any party about the fate of the four missing soldiers, and that “there will be no free information regarding the issue.”

“If the Israeli enemy wants information, it should be ready and willing to pay the price,” Abu Obeida stated, “This price must be paid before and after the (indirect) negotiations.”

He also said that Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu was lying to the Israelis, and is “deceiving the families of the captive soldiers.”

His statements were made after Netanyahu claimed last Sunday that there was what he called “an important development” regarding the missing soldiers.

Unlike the case of the former captured soldier, Gilad Shalit, Al-Qassam never presented any photos, audio or video showing the missing Israeli soldiers, or proof of life, as the group is hoping to secure the release of Palestinian detainees before starting any indirect talks.

Israel has been largely quiet regarding the case of the four missing soldiers, and apparently, hoping to get information about their fate or location through other means, an issue that proved to be a huge failure in the case of Shalit.