Al-Sharif lying murdered on the ground (PNN image)

The autopsy conducted on the body of Abd al-Fatah al-Sharif, on Sunday, confirmed that the 21-year-old Palestinian was still alive before a bullet, fired at his head at point-blank range by an Israeli soldier, killed him, according to a statement from the Palestinian Prisoners Society.

Palestinian doctor Rayan al-Ali, who attended al-Sharif’s autopsy, said: “The results of the autopsy were expected. What the whole world saw on the video that documented the shooting was more than enough, but the autopsy results assured it.”

He added, in his statement, according to Ma’an, that he would hold a press conference on Monday to give further details about the results of the autopsy, which took place at the Israeli Institute for Forensic Medicine in Abu Kabir, near Tel Aviv.

A court order by the Israeli Supreme Court, Thursday, denied an appeal to allow a Palestinian doctor to partake in the autopsy itself.

The court later granted permission for al-Ali to merely attend and take notes for the autopsy report of al-Sharif, whose killing by an Israeli soldier on March 24 has been branded by the UN as an “extrajudicial execution.”

Al-Sharif was among the more than 200 Palestinians who have been killed by Israeli forces and settlers since a wave of unrest spread across the occupied Palestinian territory in October.

The unrest has been marked by a surge of small-scale attacks carried out by Palestinian individuals — predominantly on Israeli military targets — which have left nearly 30 Israelis dead, with the majority of suspected or alleged Palestinian attackers shot dead on site.


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