Israeli forces abducted, on Friday, at least seven Palestinians in various regions of the occupied West Bank, and invaded citizens’ homes in many towns and villages.

In the northern West Bank city of Jenin, Israeli forces abducted the young man, Yahya Zakaria Al-Dubai, on Friday morning, after opening fire at his vehicle during Thursday’s military attack on the city and its camp.

Before dawn on Friday, soldiers stormed the town of Silat Ad-Dhahr, southwest of Jenin, and roamed its streets, in addition to invading the nearby village of Fandaqumiya, breaking into and ransacking the home of the citizen, Khaled Al-Asousi.

On Friday morning, occupation forces invaded several towns and villages in the Jenin governorate and roamed the streets of many neighborhoods.

Meanwhile, in the northwestern part of the West Bank, undercover Israeli agents (Musta’ribeen) kidnapped, on Friday evening, the young man, Mohammad Al-Sabarini, a resident of the Tulkarem refugee camp, while he was driving near the town of Beit Lid, southeast of Tulkarem.

The occupation army invaded, in the evening, the town of Azzun, east of Qalqilia in the northwestern part of the West Bank, storming several citizens’ homes, while roaming the streets.

Northeast of the city, soldiers abducted the young man, Osama Omar Abu Saada, while he was present in the center of Jayyous village.

Furthermore, in the northern West Bank city of Nablus, occupation forces invaded the Al-Ein refugee camp, before dawn of Friday.

Media sources said that a large army force stormed the city from its western entrance, invaded at least citizen’s home in the camp, while positioning sharpshooters on the rooftops of buildings nearby.

Palestine TV published a video of armed Palestinian resistance fighters exchanging fire with the invading army; no injuries were reported.

At dawn on Friday, Israeli soldiers invaded and searched the home of Maher Bahaa Abu Hashem, before abducting him in the village of Beitin, east of Ramallah in the central occupied West Bank.

The army abducted the citizens, Ahmad Issa Hammad, Ahmad Atallah Hamed, and Ahmad Al-Sarraj, after storming and searching their homes in the town of Silwad, northeast of Ramallah.

In the southern West Bank, Israeli forces invaded the town of Husan, west of Bethlehem, and forced Palestinian commercial shop owners to close their shops, threatening to detonate them if they do not comply.

On Thursday night, soldiers stormed the town of Husan, positioned sharpshooters on rooftops who fired live rounds, sparking protests.

Soldiers fired tear gas canisters and concussion grenades at citizens, causing several residents to sustain inhalation injuries as a result of tear gas exposure.

Southeast of Bethlehem, Israeli troops invaded the town of Za’atara, in the late afternoon, and surrounded the home of the Al-Zawahra family.

Several military vehicles invaded the city of Hebron, before dawn, and stormed a citizen’s home in the “Abu Sneina” neighborhood.