Army Demolishes Two Buildings In Jerusalem

November 8, 2016 10:12 AM IMEMC News Israeli attacks, Jerusalem, News Report, West Bank 0
08 Nov
10:12 AM

Israeli soldiers, and personnel of the Jerusalem City Council, demolished on Tuesday at dawn two buildings in Wadi al-Jouz neighborhood, and al-‘Eesawiyya town, in occupied East Jerusalem.

Dozens of soldiers, accompanied by two bulldozers, invaded Wadi al-Jouz approximately at 4:30 at dawn, and surrounded a residential building, before demolishing it.

The building consisted of three levels; the first was used as a warehouse for storing food products, while the second was an apartment and the third was still under-construction.

The family was not allowed to remove its belonging before the soldiers demolished the building.

Also, the soldiers invaded the al-‘Eesawiyya town, and demolished a residential building, under the pretext of being built without a permit.


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