On Wednesday, the Israeli army continued the bombing and shelling of various parts of the Gaza Strip, especially in Gaza City, Central Gaza, and the southern parts of the coastal region, killing and wounding dozens of Palestinians, including many women and children.

The Israeli Airforce conducted many airstrikes targeting populated areas, especially in the Sheja’eyya neighborhood, Nasr neighborhood, and several parts of Gaza City, in addition to Rafah, and several other areas in the devastated coastal enclave.

Dozens of tanks and armored vehicles conducted limited invasions in the eastern areas of the Zeitoun neighborhood in Gaza City, while firing shells and dozens of live rounds, in addition to exchanging fire with Palestinian resistance fighters.

In addition, the Israeli army fired a missile at a home for the Shanyoura family in the Zeitoun neighborhood in Gaza City, killing at least five Palestinians, mostly children, from the family, identified as Abdullah, Reham, Sama, Ro’a, and Kholoud, and wounding dozens.

Media sources said that, just three months ago, the army killed the father, Midhat Salim Shanyoura, and Mohammad Shanyoura.

In a Facebook post, a Palestinian from the family said: “The entire family of my uncle Abu Abdullah Shanyoura were killed; Abdullah Shanyoura, Reham Shanyoura, Sama Shanyoura, Ro’a Shanyoura, and Khloud Shanyoura. And just three months ago, the army killed my uncle, their father, Engineer Midhat Salim Shanyoura, and Mohammad Shanyoura.”

The Israeli army also fired barrages of artillery shells at the Al-Bureij refugee camp and the northern areas of the Nusseirat refugee camp, in central Gaza, causing many casualties.

In northern Gaza, the army killed at least one Palestinian and injured many in Ezbet Beit Hanoun.

In central Gaza, the army fired missiles and shells at homes in the Al-Hasayna area in Nusseirat, killing three Palestinians from the Al-Loah family, and wounding more than ten.

One Palestinian was also killed and seven were injured in an apartment in the Al-Loah Residential Tower, west of Nusseirat.

In the Al-Boreij refugee camp, in central Gaza, the army fired a missile at a home, killing at least one Palestinian, and injuring two.

In the Al-Mighraqa area, in central Gaza, Israeli missiles struck homes and buildings, killing at least five Palestinians, and injuring eight, including women and children.

In Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, the army fired dozens of missiles at homes and buildings, especially in the eastern parts of the city, causing many casualties.

In Rafah, in Gaza’s southmost part, the Israeli army fired barrages of missiles and shells, especially in the western part of the city, causing many casualties.

Many Palestinians were injured when the army fired artillery shells at several homes in the Al-Mawasi area, north of Rafah.

Israeli tanks and armored vehicles also invaded the Ar-Rashid Street area, southwest of Rafah while firing many shells and dozens of live rounds.

It is worth mentioning that the army has intensified its bombing and shelling of Rafah, especially in the western parts of the city.

In addition, Israeli military helicopters fired barrages of live rounds at the coastal area, where families tried to shelter, west of Rafah City.

Al-Jazeera English said a child, Hanan Al-Zaanin, an 8-year-old Palestinian girl, has died from severe malnutrition due to the dire humanitarian crisis in Gaza, where an Israeli blockade is preventing essential aid delivery.

Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said 32 hunger-related deaths, including 28 children under the age of five, have been documented in the Gaza Strip.

Ghebreyesus added that, since October 7, 2023, WHO documented 480 Israeli attacks against medical facilities in the West Bank, killing sixteen Palestinians and wounding 95.

On its webpage, WHO said: “Since 7 October 2023, the escalating crisis in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory has caused large numbers of civilian deaths and injuries.

In the Gaza Strip, airstrikes and a lack of medical supplies, food, water, and fuel have virtually depleted an already under-resourced health system. Hospitals have been operating far beyond capacity due to rising numbers of patients as well as displaced civilians seeking shelter. The provision of essential health services – from maternal and newborn care to treatment for chronic conditions – has been severely compromised.”

The Palestinian Health Ministry said the Israeli army committed three massacres of families in the Gaza Strip, killing at least 38, and wounding 100, including many women and children, Wednesday.

Israel has now killed at least 37.202 Palestinians and injured more than 84.932, mostly children, women, and elderly, in addition to the thousands of missing Palestinians, largely under the rubble of bombarded homes and buildings, on streets and in alleys, across the destroyed Gaza Strip, since October 7, 2023.

It is worth mentioning that Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor said that, in the period between October 7, 2023, and June 12, 2024, the Israeli army killed 45.223 Palestinians, (41.131 Civilians) including 146 journalists. 15.620 children and 10.173 women and injured 86.240. (The numbers of slain Palestinians include those presumed dead, under the rubble since October 7, 2023).

Also among the slain Palestinians are 486 healthcare professionals, and 640 injured, in addition to 67 slain Civil Defense workers and 192 injured.

It added that Israel displaced 1.700.000 Palestinians, completely damaged 141.920 homes, partially damaged 312.00 homes, destroyed and damaged 182 press headquarters, damaged 467 schools, destroyed 2.590 industrial facilities, damaged 696 mosques and three churches, damaged 361 healthcare families, including 31 hospitals and 103 clinics, in addition to destroying 227 ambulances. The army also destroyed 203 heritage sites.