On Thursday, Day 251 of the ongoing genocide in the destroyed, starved, and besieged Gaza Strip, Israeli missiles and shells killed and injured dozens of civilians, including women and children, in several parts of the coastal enclave.

Media sources said the army fired shells near the Gaza Port, west of Gaza City, killing at least one Palestinian and wounding many.

The sources added that the soldiers targeted with shells and live rounds, many Palestinians on Rashid Street, west of the port, killing the Palestinian and wounding several others.

The army also fired artillery shells at Sikka Street in the Zeitoun neighborhood, southeast of Gaza City.

Also in Gaza City, Israeli military Quadcopters fired dozens of live rounds at many homes in the Sheja’eyya and the Zeitoun neighborhoods, while the soldiers, stationed around Netzarim, across the perimeter fence, fired many missiles at the Zeitoun, Sabra, Tal Al-Jawa, and Sheikh Ejleen neighborhoods, while firing busts of live rounds, causing casualties.

The Israeli army also continued the invasions and destruction of the southeastern areas of the Zeitoun neighborhood while firing missiles and shells.

In central Gaza, the army fired missiles at the area around the Power Plant, north of the Nusseirat refugee camp, causing excessive damage, and many casualties.

Furthermore, the army killed at least three Palestinians and injured many, including children, in a home in the Nusseirat refugee camp.

In addition, the army fired many shells at homes north of Nusseirat refugee camp, in addition to the nearby Al-Mighraqa area.

In Rafah, in Gaza Strip’s southmost part, Israeli tanks fired many shells and dozens of live rounds at the western area of the city, while the military Apache helicopters and navy ships targeted the area with missiles and shells, destroying and leveling entire buildings, and leading to casualties.

Media sources said the Israeli army intensified the firing of missiles and shells from the land, the air, and the sea, against various parts of Rafah, especially in the Al-Mawasi area where thousands of displaced Palestinians are sheltering in camp, west of the city.

The Israeli army also turned the mosque of the destroyed Rafah Border Terminal into a military base, to use for resting, cooking and other activities.

It is worth mentioning that UNRWA said that “As of 9 June, over 330,000 tons of waste have accumulated in or near populated areas across #Gaza, posing catastrophic environmental & health risks. Children rummage through trash daily,” and added that “Unimpeded humanitarian access and Ceasefire now are crucial to restoring humane living conditions”

Israel has now killed at least 37.202 Palestinians and injured more than 84.932, mostly women, children, and elderly, in addition to the thousands who remain under the rubble of bombarded homes and buildings, in destroyed alleys and on streets, in several parts of the coastal enclave, since October 7, 2023.

It is worth mentioning that Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor said, Wednesday, that in the period between October 7, 2023, and June 12, 2024, the Israeli army killed 45.223 Palestinians, (41.131 Civilians) including 146 journalists. 15.620 children and 10.173 women and injured 86.240. (The numbers of slain Palestinians include those presumed dead, under the rubble since October 7, 2023).

Also among the slain Palestinians are 486 healthcare professionals, and 640 injured, in addition to 67 slain Civil Defense workers and 192 injured.

It added that Israel displaced 1.700.000 Palestinians, completely damaged 141.920 homes, partially damaged 312.00 homes, destroyed and damaged 182 press headquarters, damaged 467 schools, destroyed 2.590 industrial facilities, damaged 696 mosques and three churches, damaged 361 healthcare families, including 31 hospitals and 103 clinics, in addition to destroying 227 ambulances. The army also destroyed 203 heritage sites.