On Sunday, day 254 of the Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip, Israeli occupation aircraft bombed areas in Gaza City and Rafah before dawn.

United Nations representatives on the ground in Gaza warn that children in the northern Gaza Strip are on the brink of starvation as aid trucks have been prevented from entering. At least 40 children have died of starvation since the Israeli onslaught on Gaza began eight months ago.

Local sources reported that a number of citizens were injured with various injuries after the occupation aircraft targeted a house in the Tal Al-Sultan neighborhood in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip.

The Wafa news agency reported that the Israeli occupation aircraft launched a violent raid on a house west of Shuhada al-Shati Square in the al-Shati refugee camp, west of Gaza City. The occupation army blew up a number of residential buildings in the town of Al-Mughraqa, north of the Nuseirat camp in the central Gaza Strip.

The Israeli occupation forces have continued their aggression against the Gaza Strip, by land, sea and air, since October 7, 2023, resulting in the death of more than 37,296 citizens and the injury of 85,197 others, an ongoing and indefinite toll, as thousands of victims are still under the rubble.

Eight Israeli soldiers were killed in Rafah during the Israeli ground invasion over the last several days, according to Israeli sources. They were identified as: Sergeant Ez Yeshaya Grover 20, Sergeant Or Blomowitz 20, Stanislav Kostarev 21, Itay Amar 19, Eliyahu Moshe 21, Eylon Wiss 49, Eytan Koplovich 28, Wassim Mahmud, 23.

Sunday also marks the holiday of Eid al-Adha, which is usually a joyous occasion for Muslims. But in Gaza, on the 254th day of an ongoing genocide, the holiday is being marked as a somber occasion:


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