Israeli forces arrested seven Palestinian civilians across the occupied West Bank, on Sunday at dawn, according to the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society.

Israeli soldiers abducted three Palestinian civilians from the southern West Bank city of Bethlehem, identified as;

    1. Osaid Al-Din Abu Shaira, 17, from Aida refugee camp,
    2. Muhammad Omar Al-Badawneh from Aida refugee camp, and
    3. Wajeeh Ibrahim Atallah from the town of Hermala.

Troops also detained four Palestinians from Jerusalem in the southern West Bank, identified as;

    4. Youssef Al-Salti and his brother,
    5. Muhammad Al-Salti, both from Wadi Al-Joz,.
    6. Mustafa Muhammad Nayfeh from the town of Abu Dis, and
    7. Murad Rabee also from the town of Abu Dis.

The home of Ibrahim Atallah, 23, was ransacked by Israeli troops before he was detained, Alray reported.

Israeli army invaded the homes of the two young men detained from Abu Dis, before arresting them, according to Palestinian WAFA News Agency.

Northwest of Jenin in the northern West Bank, Palestinian youth, Atiyyeh Nabhan, was detained by occupation soldiers during the military court hearing of his imprisoned brother, the PPS further reported.

~ PPS, Alray, WAFA