Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on Saturday, said that Turkey will not “turn its back” on the Palestinian cause or people, adding that Ankara will share “all means available” for ending the occupation and establishing peace.

Erdogan made the remarks during his meeting with the visiting Palestinian members of the Israeli parliament in Istanbul, Al Ray reports.

He thanked the Knesset members for their service of representing the Palestinian will in Israel’s legislative body against Tel Aviv’s oppression in Gaza as well as its “Jewish State” law and “baseless rhetoric” against Turkey.

Erdogan further encouraged the group to work in unity and solidarity, saying that the controversial law defining Israel as a Jewish state was in open disregard of Palestinian citizen rights.

The legislation also promotes Hebrew as the only official language, stripping Arabic as an official language while recognizing its “special status” in the country with a “united Jerusalem” as its capital.

The law risks further alienating the Arab minority who argue they already face discrimination from Israeli Jews and the government and already feel as though they are second-class citizens.

Palestinians, who have Israeli citizenship make up 21 percent of the population, are known as Israeli Arabs and have members in the Israeli parliament of the Knesset.