As the city of Nazareth, in the northern part of the country, prepares for the celebration of Christmas, extremist Israelis on Monday,spray-painted hateful, racist anti-Arab slogans in the Arab majority city.

They wrote in Hebrew, “Death to Arabs“, and “The land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel“, witnesses told WAFA News Agency.

These acts are reminiscent of attacks known as ‘price tag attacks’ where extremist Israelis and illegal colonialist Israeli settlers vandalize or otherwise damage the property of Palestinians in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.

The vandalism and racism targeting Palestinians is a regular occurrence in the city of Nazareth, Kafr Qassem, and other Palestinian towns located in the land now known as Israel.

Residents of Nazareth call for the incitement by Israeli politicians against Christian, Muslims and other Arabs to stop, and blamed the Israeli police for not protecting the Palestinian population inside Israel.

Nazareth’s Palestinian population as of 2017 was 76,551, according to Wikipedia. Of this population, 69% are Muslim, and 31% are Christian — both are discriminated against in Israel and in occupied Palestine by Israeli policies and laws, as well as by racist acts carried out by right-wing Israeli extremists.

No Israelis were apprehended for the hate graffiti, and no Israeli police investigation has been launched, despite the requests by Palestinians in Nazareth that the Israeli police investigate the incident.