Late Sunday night, the family of Hatem As’ad Abu Najma, 39, held the funeral ceremony and burial of their slain son, whom a paramilitary Israeli colonizer killed on April 24, 2023, in occupied Jerusalem.

Media sources said only the immediate family and a few Palestinians were allowed to attend due to Israeli restrictions and preconditions.

After allowing the release of the slain man’s corpse, dozens of soldiers and police officers surrounded many parts of occupied Jerusalem, especially Bab Al-Asbat Graveyard and all streets leading to it.

The soldiers and officers kept the entire area closed and isolated to prevent the Palestinians in the area from attending the funeral and lifted the siege after the burial was concluded.

Every person who attended the funeral was ordered to wear an electronic bracelet to track their movement and ensure they do not leave designated routes and areas.

Only 25 Palestinians were allowed to attend the funeral; they were barred from carrying flags or posters, were not allowed to march and chant before or after the funeral, and were ordered to disperse immediately afterward.

The family was also ordered not to receive condolences from anybody in any public area and only to welcome a limited number of mourners in their home.

It is worth mentioning that the paramilitary colonizer killed Abu Najma on April 24, 2023, after he reportedly injured seven Israelis in what the army called a ramming attack.

A video from the scene shows the colonizer shooting the Palestinian man through the closed side window of his car while he posed no threat or even attempted to leave it.

Hatem was a married father of five children from Beit Safafa town, south of occupied Jerusalem.