For the twentieth day, the Israeli army continued its tight siege on the Northern Plains of the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank, especially the Al-Hamara military roadblock on the major road linking the northern plains with the central and the southern part of the occupied territory.

The soldiers closed an iron gate they installed at the Al-Hamra roadblock, closing the main intersection and link between the various parts of the occupied West Bank, severely impacting the freedom of movement of the Palestinians and their daily lives.

The soldiers continued to stop and search dozens of cars and interrogate the Palestinians while inspecting their ID cards.

Two weeks ago, the soldiers closed the dirt road in the Atouf area, barring Palestinian farmers from entering their lands east of Road #60 in the Jordan Valley.

The siege on the Northern Plains continued for the twentieth day, while the soldiers also closed all roads leading to the various Bedouin communities and large areas of Palestinian farmlands.