The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs And Expatriates issued a statement denouncing the Israeli army’s execution of a Palestinian and the deliberate targeting of journalists working for Palestine TV in Deir Al-Hatab town, east of the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

In a statement released Wednesday evening, the Ministry said the Israeli escalation is part of the constant crimes against the unarmed Palestinian population and is meant to create more tension and violence in the region.

The statement came after the Israeli army killed Ala’ Nasser Ahmad Zaghal, 21, after shooting him with a live round in the head and injured four Palestinians, including Palestine TV journalists Mahmoud Fawzi and Luay Samhan, with live fire in their arms.

It said that the Israeli occupation army carries out the field executions of the Palestinians with the blessing and direct support of the Israeli government and its political leadership.

“Israel must be held accountable for its crimes against the Palestinians,” the Ministry said, “The violations are parts of Israel’s official policies that disregard basic human rights, while political leaders are using their escalation as a winning ticket in their upcoming election.”

The Ministry called on the International Community to intervene, stop the escalating Israeli crimes, and provide the needed protection to the Palestinian people.

It also called on the International Criminal Court to immediately investigate Israeli crimes committed by the army and the paramilitary colonizers.”