The Ministry of Foreign and Expatriates Affairs said, in a statement, today, that it is carefully following up with competent Belgian and Lebanese authorities on the mysterious death of Palestinian-Lebanese child Daniel Al-Alali, in Belgium.

Minister of Foreign and Expatriates Affairs Riyad Al-Malki issued orders to the Palestinian embassy in Belgium to cooperate with Belgian authorities, to exert every possible effort to uncover the details behind the mysterious death, as well as to offer necessary help to the child’s family, added the statement, according to WAFA.

About five months after the nine-year-old child arrived with his mother, in France, coming from Lebanon, where his family had lived, Daniel was reportedly kidnapped by unknown assailants, and was found killed and buried in a refugee center, a few days later.

Ahmad, Daniel’s uncle, told the Lebanon-based An-Nahar daily that, at first, his brother Mahmoud, Daniel’s father, had received a phone call from Belgian police, to the effect that Daniel’s bike had been found but with no clues about the child’s whereabouts. The other day, Ahmad continued, Daniel was found dead but his uncles, who rushed from Germany to Belgium, were not allowed to see his body, by Belgian authorities.

Ever since, the police have arrested five suspects, for investigation, amid unconfirmed reports saying the child was killed by a gang of five culprits.

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