Twenty eight Palestinian civilians were arrested by Israeli troops during large scale arrest campaigns, overnight Wednesday, while two Palestinians were reportedly shot and wounded by the Israeli army in Qalqilia, and the town of Beit Rima during those campaigns.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) said that occupation forces arrested six former prisoners in Qalqilia, northern West Bank;

1. Muhammad Talal Shraim, 32
2. Abdel-Rahman Mazen Khaddraj, 28
3. Abdel-Haq Mazen Khaddraj, 28
4. Zaki Abdel-Fattah Dawood, 55
5. Jamal Othman Dawood, 58
6. Hosni Sharif Al-Nis, 35

PPS added that five students from Birzeit University were arrested from the Ramallah and Al-Bireh district;

7. Malik Hamed, 22, from Silwad
8. Basil Al-Barghouthi, 21 from Beit Rima town
9. Ezzat Shabana from Singel town
10. Shadi Abdel-Raouf Anjas, from the town of Kharbatha Bani Hareth
11. Muhannad Karajeh, 23, from the town of Safa
12. Adel Al-Barghouthi, 62, was detained for a number of hours and then released

Two Palestinian civilians from Bethlehem were taken into custody;

13. Ibrahim Hani Suman
14. Hamdan Shawawra

In the southern West Bank district of Hebron, the occupation army arrested;

15. Muayyad al-Wahwah, from the town of Dura
16. Haitham Abdullah Asafra
17. Osama Asafra, (brother of Haitham), both from the town of Beit Kahil
18. Uday Iyad Bassam Zaqeq, 21
19. Majd Zuhair Muqbel, 17
20. Qusai Samar Muhanna, 17
21. Muhammad Ibrahim Abu Maria, 24
22. Rakan Abu Maria, (brother of Muhammad), both from the town of Beit Ummar

Occupation forces, once again stormed the town of Ya`bad in the northern West Bank and arrested four Palestinian civilians;

23. Imad Mahmoud Abadi, a former prisoner
24. Omar Abadi, a child (son of Imad)
25. Sha`lan Kiwan Abu Bakr
26. Yazid Abdel Rahim Abu Abed, 16

Ya’bad residents reportedly attempted to stop the army invasion, to which soldiers responded by opening fire towards local teens, no injuries were reported.

Earlier Wednesday evening, forces arrested;

27. Iyad Muhammad Sadaqah, 20 from Anza village, at a military checkpoint near Jitt village, Nablus district, northern West Bank

and additionally;

28. Nassim Obaid, from al-‘Isawiya town in Jerusalem.

Image: Alray – file