The al-Hayat daily has reported Friday that Egypt has brokered a possible “understanding” between Israel and Hamas, the ruling party in Gaza.

This alleged agreement would increase the fishing zone back up to 9 nautical miles, and then to 20 nautical miles, as stated by the Oslo Accords.

The Israeli government has also reportedly agreed to increase fuel and electricity supplies in Gaza, in addition to allowing the United Nations to continue their humanitarian efforts.

The agreement, according to al-Hayat,  will not only end the Great Return March weekly protests at the eastern borders of the Gaza Strip, but will also end the launch of flammable balloons and kites continuously launched from Gaza as a means of protest.

Maan news agency reported that Israel also agreed to open the Gaza border crossings.

Maan stated that Hamas and Israel, through Egyptian mediation,  also reached understandings regarding a long-term ceasefire arrangement, sponsored by Egypt, which would see the lifting of the Gaza blockade in exchange for complete cessation of border protest.

Unnamed sources told the Lebanon-based al-Mayadeen that the agreement also includes employing thousands of unemployed Palestinians in Gaza.

The Palestinian Authority in the West Bank was quoted as saying, “any agreement with Israel, must include the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), and all factions, and not between Tel Aviv and individual factions.

The Egyptian mediators assured the PA that this was not a truce agreement, but an effort to stop the border violence, and to alleviate some of Israel’s suffocating blockade of the Gaza Strip.

In addition, the Egyptian Public Intelligence head, is said to be expected to announce this deal officially.

Taher an-Nunu, a senior political leader of Hamas, told Maan that media reports claiming Hamas has asked Egypt to stop mediation efforts to a ceasefire deal are false.

Maan said that Hamas was responding to a report by Israel’s daily Maariv, in which it said that Hamas wants to retaliate for the death of the four Palestinians in Gaza, who were killed by the army, Friday.

Meanwhile, armed resistance groups in Gaza fired more than twelve shells into Israeli settlements across the perimeter fence.

The Israeli army carried out several air strikes targeted sites in Gaza, and an vacant land near Karem Abu Salem (Kerem Shalom) Crossing, east of Rafah.

The Israeli strikes also targeted area, north of Gaza city, and west of Beit Lahia, in northern Gaza Strip.

Israeli missiles also caused damage to homes, and the Indonesia Hospital, after the army fired five missiles at a site near Sheikh Zayed area, north of Gaza.