The director of the blood and tumors pharmacy at Rantisi Hospital for Children, Talha Balousha, warned of a severe depletion of the drug Mercaptopurine, and the resulting threat to the lives of children with leukemia.

Balousha said, on Thursday, in a press statement, that the depletion of the drug threatens the lives of leukemia patients, as it will cause a gap in a therapeutic protocol which has lasted for two years, according to Al Ray.

He noted that the drug is a chemotherapy tablet which is given to dozens of children with leukemia, over an 18-month period.

He stressed on the importance of this stage, in the therapy, in preventing any deterioration of the patient’s health, noting that prolonged interruptions of treatment, during this period, will have a direct relationship with an increased risk of relapse.

He called on all concerned officials to work hard in resolving this crisis, in order to save the lives of these children, adding that the cost of the drugs in the private sector has upped to four times its actual price.

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