Two Palestinian detainees on hunger strike are suffering from marked health deterioration, the Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) has reported, according to Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency.

A PPS lawyer stated, after visiting the detainees in Ramla clinic, that the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) had imprisoned them in two isolated cells without any electronic devices, such as TV or radio, and refused to provide them with paper and pens for writing letters to their families.

The lawyer said that Ahmed abu Fara and Anas Shadid staged their hunger strike on 25, September, drinking only water from there on out. The two prisoners refused any medical examination, protesting Israeli doctors’ ambiguity about their health. 

“The two prisoners suffered from health deterioration … were brought [in] on wheel chairs [for] the visit … [had] lost 10 kilograms, at least, of their weight. They said that they suffered from headache, chest pain, stomach pain and one of them vomiting blood,” the lawyer explained. 

Abu Fara, 29, from Hebron, and Shadid, from Dura, have been administratively detained since August.

Editor’s note: Administrative detention is an archaic punishment procedure, dating back to the times of British Mandate Palestine, in which detainees are held, with without charge or trial, for indefinitely renewable periods of up to 6 months, often under harsh,  unethical conditions.

(Photo: Al Ray archive image.)

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