The health condition of Palestinian detainee Mowaffak Orouq, 77, has significantly deteriorated, the Detainees and Ex-Detainees Commission stated Friday.

Orouq, a cancer patient in Israeli detention since 2003, is in serious condition as he is in a state of semi-coma, taking only small amounts of liquid and having lost a lot of weight.

The elderly prisoner underwent chemotherapy and more recently surgery to treat cancer of the intestine and stomach.

Orouq, who holds Israeli nationality, has served 17 of a 30 year sentence in Israeli prisons for resisting the Israeli occupation.

As a matter of policy, the Israeli occupation commonly uses deliberate medical negligence as a punitive measure used against Palestinian detainees, as was the case for the late Palestinian Sami Abu Diak who died in Israeli custody last year.

Photo: Reposted from Hanthala News Agency