Illegal Israeli settlers, on Thursday night and Friday, attacked Palestinians and their vehicles, and blocked the entrances to a number of towns in Hebron, according to local sources.

On Thursday, illegal Israeli settlers, with the army providing full security, attacked a Palestinian shepherd while he grazed his sheep on his land, according to a local activist.

Ayman Gharib said that the settlers, attacked the shepherd and forced him to leave the “Khirbet Mak-hul” area, in the northern Jordan Valley, and threatened him not to return.

On Friday, occupation forces protected Illegal Israeli colonizers who invaded the Qaryout spring, south of Nablus, in the northern occupied West Bank.

Media sources said that settlers invaded the water springs, near the village of Qaryout, sparking protests from local Palestinians.

Soldiers opened fire with tear gas canisters, causing a number of people to suffer the toxic effects of tear gas inhalation.

Meanwhile, on Thursday night, illegal Israeli colonists, injured a Palestinian resident of Jenin, while he was driving his truck near the town of Huwara, south of Nablus.

The injured man, identified as Munjid Jameel Al-Sheikh Ibrahim, 51, sustained cuts and bruises after settlers hurled rocks at his truck.

Furthermore, Israeli settlers attacked Palestinian citizens and their vehicles, in the Qilqis area, south of Hebron, in the southern occupied West Bank.

[Video from J Media]

On Thursday evening, dozens of armed settlers gathered in provocative marches, and blocked the entrances to the Al-Fawwar refugee camp, and Dura town, southwest of the city, the southern “Al-Fahs” entrance to Hebron, in addition to the “Beit Einoun” junction, to the north.

Sources said that the colonizers, under army protection, raised the Israeli flag and chanted anti-Arab slogans.

[Video from Palestine TV]