A Palestinian young man succumbed on Friday to wounds he sustained during the military assault on the Jenin refugee camp on July 3, 2023, local sources reported.

On Monday, the Palestinian youth Ezzeddin Kanaan, 20, from the village of Jaba’, southwest of Jenin, died as a result of a gunshot wound in the head, which he sustained on July 3, 2023, during the Israeli military offensive against the Jenin refugee camp.

Media sources said that the young man was on his way to donate blood for the victims of the aggression when an Israeli sharpshooter shot him in the head.

It was announced that the funeral for the slain young man would be held on Saturday after the noon prayer.

On July 2-4, 2023, Israeli forces conducted a brutal two-day military assault on the Jenin refugee camp, in the northern occupied West Bank, which left 13 Palestinians dead, and injured 140.

During the attack, the army fired missiles into the refugee camp, deliberately levelled roads and damaged infrastructure, causing destruction of homes, and forcing the displacement of approximately 3,500 people.