Israeli Prison Service (IPS) intends to impose a series of new punitive measures against detainees held at Hadarim detention center and others, in days to come, the Committee of Detainees Affairs reported, Tuesday.

The committee reported, in a press statement, that these measures will involve moving  of all the detainees from their rooms to the prison yards at times of inspection of windows and search,  and tightened restrictions on all detainees when they go to the exercise yard.

The Committee explained, according to Al Ray, that IPS informed the detainees that they would strictly prohibit the entry of any educational textbooks, during family visits, and ban all purchases of frozen food.

The detainees told the lawyers of the committee during a visit yesterday that these punishment measures came  up to orders from the Israeli Minister of Internal Security, Gilad Ardan, to tighten the measures against  detainees in various detention centers.

The detainees said that these measures would worse the detention conditions, in light of the unprecedented and incitement incitement by the Israeli right, and the continuous racist directives against Palestinian detainees by the Israeli Minister of Internal Security and the director of the IPS.

It is noteworthy that Ardan had announced earlier the formation of a specialized committee in mid-June, its role to determine the conditions of detention of Palestinian detainees held in Israeli detention centers.

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