The Israeli occupation authorities confiscated, Monday, 200 Dunams of Palestinian agricultural lands in Kisan village, east of Bethlehem, south of occupied Jerusalem in the West Bank, in addition to issuing an order for demolishing a barn.

Ahmad Ghazal, the deputy-mayor of Kisan village, stated that a large military force invaded the at-Tina area, south of the village, and informed the families that they are not allowed to enter their lands because they have been confiscated by the army.

The soldiers said the confiscation orders were made for “security considerations,” an excuse frequently used by the army to avoid providing a real explanation for the theft of Palestinian lands.

The Israeli violation took place while Israeli colonialist settlers confiscated large areas of privately owned farmlands in the same area, and started planting them, in addition to installing irrigation lines, before the Palestinians managed to remove them.

Ghazal stated that the Israeli army also issued an order for the demolition of a barn, owned by Hussein Abdullah ‘Obeyyat, and informed him he only has 24 hours to remove the property and leave the land or face arrest in addition to high fines and other penalties, including being imprisoned.

Kisan is a very small Palestinian village, just to the east of Bethlehem city and is inhabited by around 800 Palestinians; around half of its lands (2 square kilometers) have already been confiscated when Israel built the illegal Ma’ale Amos and Ibei HaNahal colonies, which became part of Gush Etzion colonialist bloc.

The villagers are also denied basic rights, such as a clinic, transportation services and a power grid, in addition to facing numerous violations by colonists and soldiers.