Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported, on Monday morning, that the Israeli army is currently considering taking full security and military responsibility for certain neighborhoods of East Jerusalem.


The army is examining the possibility of extending its security and military control to involve areas located outside the apartheid wall in occupied Jerusalem, including the Shu’fat refugee camp and the village of Kafr Aqeb.


It added that the army is thus to hold the whole security and military responsibility of around 150.000 Palestinians, some of whom hold the Israeli ID card.


The newspaper indicated that it is not clear whether those areas will remain under the Jerusalem’s municipality of occupation, or separation local councils will be formed.


It noted that this plan comes following the failure of Israeli occupation police to deal with daily clashes, with Palestinian youth, that take place in those areas.


Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency noted that the city of Jerusalem witnesses, on an almost daily basis, confrontations between Palestinian youth and Israeli soldiers, following US President Donald Trump’s decision of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

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