Israeli soldiers forced, Friday, a young Palestinian man to demolish his own home in Shu’fat town, in occupied Jerusalem, reportedly for being built without a permit.

The Palestinian, Mohammad Abdul-Salam al-Bashti, 26, from Shu’fat town in Jerusalem, said that an Israeli court ordered him to demolish his home for being built without a permit, despite various appeals and fines.

He added that the court told him that if the City Council uses its workers and equipment in demolishing the property, he will be facing a 70.000 Shekels fine, in addition to other costs and penalties.

The young man, who lived in the 129 square/meter two-story property with his wife, was ordered to complete the demolition before the end of the day, and started the demolition, Thursday.

It is worth mentioning that al-Bashti has been appealing with Israeli courts since March of the year 2019.

It is worth mentioning that, on Thursday, another Palestinian, identified as Maher Siyam, had to demolish his home, in Silwan town, south of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, in Jerusalem.

While Israel continues to build and expand its segregated illegal colonies, in direct violation of International Law and the Fourth Geneva Convention, the Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem, and Area C (%60) of the occupied West Bank, continue to be denied construction permits, and face the demolition of their homes and property.

Israel has also been demolishing homes that received permits from the local councils in various towns in the West Bank, under the pretext of not being permitted by the so-called “Civil Administration Office,” the administrative branch of its illegal occupation.

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