Israeli soldiers abducted, overnight and at dawn Monday, at least 44 Palestinians in the West Bank, including 30 from occupied East Jerusalem, during massive invasions and violent searches of homes.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has reported that the soldiers invaded many Palestinian communities in the West Bank, before storming and violently searched dozens of homes.

It added that dozens of soldiers invaded several neighborhoods in occupied East Jerusalem, especially in at-Tour, interrogated many Palestinians while searching their homes, and abducted thirty.

They have been identified as Ahmad Jawdat Idrees, Ahmad Jawdat Razem, Maher Abu Jom’a, Ahmad Marwan Abu Jom’a, Ibrahim Arafat Abu Sbeitan, As’ad Jamil Abu al-Hawa, Ahmad Imad Za’tari, Ahmad Abu Jom’a, Khaled Moghrabi, Fares Abu Ghannam, Majd Sayyad, Firas Ibrahim Khweiss, Mohammad Arafat Abu Esbeitan, Ali Abu Jom’a, Mohannad Abi Jom’a, Amir Qarawi, Mohammd Jouda Abu al-Hawa, Mohammad Abu Esbeitan, Raed Sa’ad Najm, Mohamad Azzam Annous, Ismael Tawfiq Mheisin, Fadlallah Mohammad Abbasi, Mahmoud Zeid Qaaq, Mohammad Shalloudi, Mohammad Ajlouni, Ayham Za’anin, in addition to three children; Hamza Zaki Khweiss, Ramez Waheeb Ajlouni and Noureddin Maher Mheisin,

The soldiers also abducted two Palestinians, identified as Abdullah Mohammad Ziyad and Mohammad Jamil Mteir, from their homes in Qalandia, north of Jerusalem.

In Bethlehem governorate, the soldiers searched homes and abducted Omar Mousa Qowwar, Anas Saifi, Yahia al-Khamour and Islam Qneiss.

In Hebron, in the southern part of the West Bank, the soldiers abducted Bashar Jamil Masharqa, 21, and Ali Mahmoud Abu Arram, 42.

In Jenin, in northern West Bank, the soldiers abducted Nahed Ahmad Kabaha, while Montaser Sa’id al-Ashab, 24, and his brother Mohammad, 21, were taken prisoner in Qalqilia governorate, in northern West Bank.