On Tuesday dawn, several Israeli military jeeps invaded Deir Istiya town, northwest of Salfit in the central part of the occupied West Bank, ransacked homes, causing damage, before detaining and interrogating several Palestinians, including one woman.

Firas Thiab, the Mayor of Deir Istiya, said the soldiers broke into many homes in the town, before conducting violent searches, causing serious damage to their furniture and belongings.

He also stated that the soldiers detained the mother of Dia’ Mohammad Makhalfa for several hours, until he returned home, and also interrogated him for a few hours.

In addition, the soldiers detained, interrogated, and assaulted Yasser Arafat Emad, Abdul-Hamid Thiab, Rafat Emad Thiab, Rami Mahmoud Khatib, Ahmad Jamil Kokash, Jihad Nihad Abdullah, Salem Jihad Mansour, and Talha Mohammad Awad.