Israeli authorities, on Monday, delivered a demolition order for the home of Palestinian prisoner, Nathmi Abu-Baker, 48, from the Ya’bad village, south-west of Jenin City, in the northern West Bank.

The official Palestinian News Agency, WAFA, reported that Israeli occupation authorities jailed Abu-Baker, accusing him of causing the death of an Israeli soldier, by throwing a stone on the soldier’s head, during an Israeli invasion of the village on May 12.

The accusation by Israeli authorities was totally denied by Abu-Baker, during a military trial, WAFA said.

On June 11, Israeli troops invaded Ya’bad village, when an Israeli engineer made some measurements around the home of Abu-Baker.

This year alone, Israeli troops have demolished four homes of Palestinian prisoners, in the central West Bank cities of Ramallah, Jenin and Albeira.

The four prisoners were identified as Ahmad Qonbo’ of Jenin, Waleed Hanasha, Yazzan Maghames and Qassam Al-Barghouthi of Ramallah and Albeira.

The Israeli policy of punitive demolition of Palestinian homes has been in place for many decades. Home demolition under international law, is seen as a form of collective punishment, which is forbidden.

Noteworthy, no single case of home demolition for any Israeli charged with the murder or injury of a Palestinian has been reported, over the past several decades.