Israeli colonial settlers on Tuesday, razed vast areas of Palestinian-owned farm lands in the occupied West Bank city of Nablus.

Local media outlets said that the lands razed, are located near the illegal Israeli colonial settlement of Shefout Rahel.

The sources confirmed that today’s bulldozing caused widespread harm to tens of olive trees, owned by local Palestinian farmers from Nablus city.

Previously, Israeli defense minister, Naftali Bennett, announced his government’s plan to expand the Shefout Rahel colonial settlement with another nearby colonial settlement, called Shelo.

In the area, where the bulldozing took place, there are a number of illegal colonial settlements, including Shelo, Aadi Aad, Codeish, Keda and Ahya.

Israeli colonial settlements on Palestinian-owned lands has been Israeli systematic policy, initially announced in late 1970’s for the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

Over the past decade, Israel has accelerated settlement building in a way that has strangulated Palestinian-populated cities, towns and villages in the West Bank which includes occupied East Jerusalem.

Back in 2005, Israel unilaterally dismantled 17 Israeli colonial settlements in the tiny coastal Gaza Strip and two years later, it enforced a crippling blockade on the territory, in place now, for 13 years.

Israeli colonial settlement construction is deemed illegal by international law and United Nations Security Council’s resolutions, 242 and 338, given the fact that Gaza Strip and the West Bank are Arab-Palestinian lands, which Israel occupied by force, back in 1967.

Image: Ma’an News Agency