Israeli troops reportedly abducted on Tuesday four Palestinian residents in the West Bank city of Ramallah and the town of Albeira, after invading their towns and their homes.

Local media outlets, quoting witnesses, reported that among the four abducted was a local lawyer, and that the abduction occurred in the early morning hours when Israeli forces invaded the Palestinian district of Ramallah.

Witnesses added that Israeli forces broke into the home of the al-Barghouti family and vandalized the home itself, before they abducted Omar al-Barghouti, the father of the late Saleh, who was killed by the Israeli military, and Asem, who is currently imprisoned by Israeli authorities. They also abducted the man’s son, Mohammad.

The family lives in Kober village, north of Ramallah city.

In a concurrent incident,  Israeli troops invaded Badras village, west of Ramallah city and broke in the home of Mahmoud Marar and abducted Mahmoud himself.

In the town of Albeira, witnesses told media outlets that the Israeli army broke into the home of Ja’far Erbash and abducted J’afar.

As Israeli troops invaded the Palestinian-populated areas, dozens of locals took out to streets in protest, with no casualties reported.

Israeli army abductions of Palestinian residents occur on an almost-daily basis in different parts of the occupied West Bank.
Despite the 1993 Oslo Agreement that declared that these areas would be under the control of the Palestinian Authority, the Israeli military continues to occupy and govern all Palestinian areas and dictate all aspects of the lives of the Palestinian people.