On Wednesday, dozens of illegal Israeli colonizers invaded the Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem, in the West Bank, before Israeli soldiers, who accompanied them, abducted two civilian guards of the holy site.

Media sources said dozens of colonizers invaded the courtyards of the holy site through the Al-Magharba Gate, accompanied by soldiers and police officers.

Video By Al-Qastal

They added that the colonizers invaded the holy site in groups headed by the far-right fanatic member of Knesset, Itamar Bin-Gvir.

The Israeli army and the police attacked the Palestinian worshippers in the holy compound and forced dozens to leave so the colonizers could carry out their provocative tours.

The soldiers also assaulted two civilian guards of Al-Aqsa, Khalil Tarhouni and Hamza Nibali, causing cuts and bruises, before abducting them.

On Tuesday, more than 1032 Israeli colonizers, accompanied by dozens of soldiers and police officers, invaded the courtyards of the holy site after Muslim worshipers were forced out.