Sheep (archive image)

North of Jericho on Monday, armed Israeli colonizers attacked an unarmed shepherd girl and stole her entire herd of ninety sheep.

The girl had been left by her father to tend the sheep while he went away for some hours. During the time while he was gone, the gang of armed Israelis attacked the girl and took her sheep.

The colonial settlers came from the illegal Israeli colony of Kawkab al-Sabah, constructed on stolen Palestinian land near Jericho. They invaded the pastoral area between Ain Al-Auja and Al-Maarajat carrying guns, and harassed the unarmed Palestinian shepherd girl.

They then took the sheep away to their settlement.

The crime has not been investigated by the Israeli military, which controls all Palestinian areas under martial law. The Israeli military rarely investigates crimes committed by the paramilitary Israeli settler forces against Palestinian civilians.

In this same area on Friday, a group of armed Israeli paramilitary colonial settlers attacked a group of international solidarity activists who were accompanying Palestinian civilians on a tourist trail. The Israeli settlers sprayed the internationals and Palestinians with pepper spray. No investigation was done of that incident, and the Israeli settlers were able to act with impunity and the full protection of the Israeli military in their violent aggressions against Palestinians and Palestinian supporters.