On Tuesday evening, Israeli colonizers invaded a Palestinian olive orchard in Yasuf town, east of the central West Bank city of Salfit, and uprooted at least 45 olive saplings.

Ziad Jamil Abdul-Razeq said the colonizers invaded his orchard in the an-Nasba area, northeast of the town, before uprooting the sapling he planted nearly two years ago.

He added that the colonizers came from the illegal Tapuah Israeli colony, built on stolen Palestinian lands near his orchard.

Abdul-Razeq stated that the attack is the second since last month when the colonizers uprooted fifteen olive trees.

Salfit governor Abdullah Kamil said various departments are constantly documenting the Israeli violations and called for supporting the farmers facing the constant aggression by the illegal colonizers.

He added that the governorate, in cooperation with the Agriculture Ministry, and various institutions, frequently replant the lands and orchards the colonizers invade and uproot.