Israeli forces abducted, on Wednesday, six Palestinian young men after invading many homes in the northern West Bank city of Jenin.

Media sources said that before dawn, occupation forces stormed the city of Jenin, sparking protests among local Palestinian citizens.

After breaking into and ransacking several citizens’ homes, soldiers abducted six young men identified as Mahmoud Mohammad Hathnawi, Hassoun Hantouli, Anwar Marzouq, Ahmad Al-Aboushi, Ahmad Ajjawi, and Yaarub Fayez Al-Sakran.

Amed Palestinian resistance fighters exchanged fire with the invading army in several neighborhoods in the city; no injuries were reported.

Sources added that occupation forces set fire to a commercial stall owned by the citizen, Abu Al-Wafa.

In related news, occupation forces invaded the city of Qalqilia, in the northwestern part of the West Bank, and abducted a Palestinian woman.