Israeli soldiers abduct youth (archive image from Palestine News)

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS), reported that Israeli forces detained fourteen Palestinians across the West Bank, on Saturday night and Sunday morning, nine of whom were abducted by Israeli police from Al-‘Isawiya town in East Jerusalem.

The nine abductees were identified as Hassan Yasser Darwish, 14, Muhammad Murad Dari, Omar Marwan Obaid, Muhammad Naseem Obaid, Mahmoud Muhammad Obaid, Mahmoud Marwan Odeh, Ahmed Iyad Odeh, Mahmoud Abd Mahmoud, and Muhammad Samih Alyan..

From Beit Ummar town in Hebron, occupation soldiers arrested Muhammad Yusef Bahr, 26, a former prisoner, a wounded child, Amr Sabarna, 17, and from Yatta town in Hebron, Iyad Diab Abu Qubita.

From the Ramallah and Al-Bireh governorate, Israeli troops arrested Raafat Salim Abu Rabee, 45, and Salim Idris Hamdan, 32, from Al-Mazraa Al-Gharbiyyah and Dura Al-Qara villages.

The PPS added that Israeli forces arrested at least ten other Palestinian civilians from several governorates in the West Bank over the past two days.

Palestinian WAFA News Agency reported that soldiers ransacked several of the civilian homes they invaded, in search of wanted Palestinians, and that two additional Palestinians were summoned by Israeli police, to appear for interrogation.

Image: Palestine News