Palestinians and solidarity activists gathered, on Friday, to demonstrate against the proposed expropriation of Palestinian-owned land in the town of Deir Istiya, west of the central occupied West Bank city of Salfit, according to a local activist.

Demonstrators were denied entry to the threatened lands by Israeli soldiers who had set up a tent and were stationed in the area, blocking their passage onto the land.


According to local Palestinian activist, Nazmi Salman, said that dozens of Palestinian citizens, performed the Friday prayer at the entrance to the Al-Qi’dah area, which is under the threat of annexation by the Israeli occupation.


After the prayer, Palestinians and solidarity activists raised banners condemning the Israeli colonization of Palestinian-owned lands, and called for an increase in popular non-violent resistance.

Demonstrators expressed their rejection of the Israeli occupation’s colonial schemes and plans to expropriate the Palestinian-owned lands of the town.

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In related news, Israeli forces detained, on Friday, four Palestinians at a flying military roadblock at the southern entrance to Jericho, in the northeastern occupied West Bank, local sources reported.

According to witnesses at the scene, the soldiers stopped vehicles entering the city and checked their identification, causing a traffic jam.

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They added that the army detained four citizens in their vehicles, and stopped them from passing through the roadblock.

It was not clear whether those Palestinian citizens were abducted by the soldiers or if they were just blocked from entering the city.