Israeli forces, on Friday, attacked dozens of non-violent Palestinian protesters, holding a peaceful demonstration against Israel’s illegal colonial settlements, outside the village of Asira ash-Shamaliya, north of Nablus city in the northern occupied West Bank.

Correspondent for Palestinian WAFA News Agency said that Isareli soldiers fired tear-gas canisters, concussion grenades, and rubber-coated steel rounds at Palestinians and international activists protesting the occupation authorities’ plan to confiscate a plot of Palestinian-owned land near the village.

A plot of land where illegal Israeli settlers recently set up two caravans in an apparent prelude to the establishment of a new illegal outpost.

Demonstrators waved the flag of Palestine and chanted slogans condemning Israel’s colonial schemes in the occupied Palestinian Territory. The protestors also performed the weekly Muslim Friday prayer on the threatened land.

At least eleven protesters were reported to be injured, one of whom is, Hazem Yasin, the mayor of Asira ash-Shamaliya, who sustained fractures in the hand after being hit by a teargas canister.

Mayor Yasin was transferred to hospital for medical treatment.

Some suffered the toxic effects of tear-gas inhalation, some were injured from concussion grenades, while others were said to have bean beaten by Israeli soldiers with clubs.

Dozens of Palestinians, on Thursday, choked on tear-gas fired by Israeli forces during invasions into different Palestinian towns areas, the Palestinian Information Center reported.

Local sources said that confrontations erupted between Palestinian civilians and the occupation army in Hebron (al-Khalil) City in the south, and Kafr Ni’ma village in the central West Bank city Ramallah.

The Israeli military opened heavy fire of tear-gas canisters, concussion grenades, and rubber-coated steel rounds towards the Palestinians resisting the military incursion into their towns.

Dozens were reported to have suffered the toxic effects of tear-gas inhalation, they were treated at the scene.

~ WAFA, PIC, Shehab