On Tuesday evening, Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian man in the town of Beit Fajjar, southwest of Bethlehem in the southern West Bank.

The Palestinian Health Ministry announced that the General Authority for Civil Affairs informed it of the death of the citizen, Bilal Adel Abdul Fattah Bellu, 39, after he was shot by the occupation army with live ammunition.

Media sources said that occupation forces invaded the town earlier in the evening, soldiers opened fire with live rounds, shooting and injuring the Palestinian man, while there was no mention of protests.

It was added that the soldiers who were present at the western entrance to the town, shot the young man, and allowed him to continue bleeding by preventing ambulance crews from approaching him to provide first aid.

Israeli forces have now killed 550 Palestinian civilians, including 135 children, and injured at least 5,200 others, in various regions of the occupied West Bank, since the beginning of the military onslaught against the Gaza Strip on October 7, 2023.
Israeli forces have killed at least 37,372 Palestinians, mostly woman and children, and injured at least 85,452, since the beginning of the brutal military onslaught against the devastated Gaza Strip on October 7, 2023, while thousands remain buried under the rubble.