Israeli forces killed, on Tuesday, a Palestinian child, near the village of Deir Abu Mash’al, northwest of Ramallah in the central West Bank.

Media sources said that on Tuesday afternoon, occupation forces opened fire with live ammunition towards a group of children near the village of Deir Abu Mash’al, shooting one.

The Palestinian Health Ministry confirmed that the child, Ghassan Gharib Zahran, 13, was shot in the abdomen with live rounds.

Sources added that the seriously wounded child was initially taken to a clinic in the village and subsequently transported by ambulance to the Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah.

Due to the serious nature of the child’s wound, doctors pronounced him deceased at the Palestine Medical Complex.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday evening, large crowds of Palestinians gathered in front of the Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah for the funeral of the slain child.

Media sources said that mourners carried the body to the family’s home in Deir Abu Mash’al where loved ones said their final goodbyes.

The funeral procession marched through the streets carrying the body on their shoulders, while shouting slogans of condemnation against the occupation’s crimes, before laying the body to rest.

Israeli forces have now killed 572 Palestinian civilians, including 139 children, and injured more than 5,350 others, in various regions of the occupied West Bank, since the beginning of the military onslaught against the Gaza Strip on October 7, 2023.

Israeli forces have killed at least 38,243 Palestinians, the majority of whom are woman and children, and injured at least 88,033, since the beginning of the brutal military onslaught against the devastated Gaza Strip on October 7, 2023, while thousands remain buried under the rubble.