A number of Israeli military courts issued new Administrative Detention orders against 27 detainees for periods varying between three and six months, subject to renewal without a hearing.

14 of the new orders are new Administrative Detention, while the rest were issued against detainees who have been held for several months, and even years to others, under the pretext of a “secret security file,” that neither the detainees nor their lawyers can ever see, or know their contents.

The detainees have been identified as:

  1. Mohsen Mahmoud Shreim, Qalqilia – four additional months.
  2. Osama Nasser Saleh, Jenin – six additional months.
  3. Jihad Ali Hamran, Jenin – six additional months.
  4. Jibreel Maher Abu Sbeih, Nablus – three months.
  5. Mohammad Bilal Azizi, Nablus – three additional months.
  6. Odai Mahmoud Abu Mfarreh, Bethlehem – six additional months.
  7. Bakr Mohammad Baryoush, Tulkarem – six additional months.
  8. Marwan Sami Shawamra, Hebron – three additional months.
  9. Baha’ Taha Najjar, Hebron – six additional months.
  10. Ahmad Nabil Qanna, Nablus- three additional months.
  11. E’teraf Bajes Hajjaj, Ramallah – three additional months.
  12. Hashem Nafe’ Shalabi, Jenin – three additional months.
  13. Eyad Abdul-Majid Shabana, Hebron – three additional months.
  14. Ahmad Qassem Sheikh, Bethlehem- four months.
  15. Akram Saleh Hussein, Ramallah – four additional months.
  16. Ameed Ayyoub Zamari, Qalqilia – six months.
  17. Mohammad Waleed Rabea’, Ramallah – four months.
  18. Noureddin Mohammad Sa’adi, Jenin – six additional months.
  19. Adham Attaf Daraghma, Tubas – six months.
  20. Mazen Jamal Natsha, Hebron – six months.
  21. Mahmoud Kamal al-Razzi, Jenin – four months.
  22. Mo’taz Mohammad Al-Mohtasib, Hebron – three months.
  23. Ezzat Abdul-Aziz Natsha, Hebron – four months.
  24. Monther Mohammad Jo’ba, Hebron – four months.
  25. ‘Attaf Yaqeen al-Atrash, Hebron – four months.
  26. Hamza Mahmoud Batran, Hebron – six months.
  27. Rafat Rashed Batran, Hebron – six months.