Israeli navy ships attacked, on Tuesday evening, Palestinian fishing boats near the shore in the Sudaniyya Sea, in Gaza, and abducted two fishers.

The WAFA Palestinian News agency has reported that the navy attacks the fishing boats in the Sudaniyya Sea area, near Gaza city, while they were sailing less than four nautical miles from the shore.

It added that the navy used water cannons against the fishing boats, before abducting two fishers identified as As’ad Omar and Ammar Sultan, in addition to confiscating their boats, and took them to the Ashdod Port.  

The attack is part of daily violations against the fishers in Palestinian territorial waters, in addition to assaults targeting farmers and workers in Palestinian lands, in areas close to the border fence, in the besieged coastal region.

Earlier Tuesday, Israeli navy ships opened fire, targeting several Palestinian fishing boats, close to the shore in Gaza Sea, and chased several boats back to the shore.