On Sunday dawn, Israeli police officers killed a Palestinian citizen of Israel in Kafr Yasif, in the Galilee in the northern part of the country.

Media sources said an off-duty police officer fired several rounds at a car carrying several passengers, seriously wounding Omar Ghaleb Sawa’ed, 22, who succumbed to his wounds.

Eyewitnesses said the officer aimed high at the car in a manner that seemed to be intended to inflict upper-body wounds.

A video shows the car speeding to reach a hospital, and in the process, the seriously wounded young man falling out of the car before the passengers ran toward him. At that moment, an ambulance arrived and took him to a hospital.

The Israeli police only commented on the shooting by claiming it is investigating the circumstances that led to the incident.

The Arabs48 news website said the shooting and subsequent death of the young man come on the back of serious violence and shooting incidents related to crimes and gun violence, especially amidst the failure of the Israeli police to investigate these crimes in several Arab communities in the country.