Palestinian shepherd (archive image)

In the southern West Bank on Saturday, a group of armed paramilitary Israeli colonial settlers attacked Palestinian shepherds who were herding sheep in a field near the village of al-Tuwana, in the Hebron district.

According to Fo’ad Emour, a Palestinian official in charge of monitoring Israeli settlement activity in the Hebron area, the shepherds were minding their sheep when the armed colonizers came rushing at them, hurling rocks at both the shepherds and their sheep.

The colonialist settlers forced the Palestinian shepherds off of their grazing land. They fled in terror to the village center, where they sought help from the Palestinian authorities, who could do nothing to stop the Israeli settlers.

Settler attacks are common in the Hebron area, where right-wing Israeli settlers have occupied Palestinian land and frequently attack the Palestinian landowners when they try to enter what had been their land and property.