Israeli soldiers abducted, on Monday at dawn, at least sixteen Palestinians from their homes, after the army invaded and searched them, in several parts of the occupied West Bank.

The Israeli invasions targeted dozens of communities in the West Bank governorates of Hebron, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Salfit, Jenin and Nablus, before the soldiers conducted violent searches of homes and interrogated many Palestinians while inspecting their ID cards.

The army also installed many roadblocks, searched dozens of cars and investigated the ID cards of scores of Palestinians.

In addition, the soldiers invaded the ar-Ras al-Ahmar area, southeast of Tubas in northeastern West Bank, and handed military warrants targeting five Bedouin families, ordering them to remove their tents and sheds by the end of this month.

The soldiers also ordered the Palestinians to remove a water line, providing them and their livestock with the needed water, by the end of the month. The army claims the tents, and the pipeline, were not licensed by “Civil Administration Office” run by the military in the occupied West Bank.

The invasion was carried out shortly after the soldiers detained the head of Khirbit ar-Ras al-Ahmar Local Council, and confiscated his car.

The Palestinians, who were abducted at dawn, have been identified as:

  1.  Ahmad Hani Jahshan, Halhoul – Hebron.
  2.  Mohammad Abu Rayya, al-‘Arroub refugee camp – Hebron.
  3.  Emad al-Jondi, al-‘Arroub refugee camp – Hebron.
  4.  Mohammad Sha’lan, Bethlehem.
  5.  Jamal ‘Alqam, al-Khader – Bethlehem.
  6.  Khaled Jamil Abu Samra, al-Khader – Bethlehem.
  7.  Nasrallah Ibrahim Sbeih, al-Khader – Bethlehem.
  8.  Khaled Mustafa Nazzal, Hizma – Jerusalem.
  9.  ‘Adel Issam Khatib, Hizma – Jerusalem.
  10.  Mohammad Amin Mer’ey, Qarawat Bani Hassan – Salfit.
  11.  Ayman Amin Mer’ey, Qarawat Bani Hassan – Salfit.
  12.  Mohammad Ezzat Mer’ery, Qarawat Bani Hassan – Salfit.
  13.  Ayyoub al-’Arabi, Qarawat Bani Hassan – Salfit.
  14.  Jamal al-’Arabi, Qarawat Bani Hassan – Salfit.
  15.  Mohammad Abu al-Qassem, Qarawat Bani Hassan – Salfit.
  16.  Hisham Saleet, Jenin refugee camp – Jenin.