On Tuesday, Israeli soldiers invaded the ar-Ras and Kafr Aboush villages, south of Tulkarem in the northern part of the occupied West Bank, and poured concrete in two groundwater wells used by the Palestinians.

Mohammad Majdoub, the mayor of ar-Ras, said the soldiers invaded the eastern area of the village before pouring concrete into a groundwater well and confiscating a water pump and a truck owned by Ibrahim Shreim.

Majdoub added that the soldiers forced Village Council employees to leave the area after surrounding and isolating it.

He also said the well was dug and prepared by the Town Council a year earlier to provide drinking water for dozens of families, especially after the Israeli Mekorot water company that controls Palestinian water resources in the occupied West Bank refused to provide the Palestinians with sufficient amounts of water.

Also, Fateh movement Secretary in Kafr Abboush, Mershed Jabara, said the soldiers brought concrete trucks before pouring the concrete into a well between Kafr Abboush and Kur village.

Jabara stated that the well was dug about 18 months earlier and received approval two months ago to provide the needed water to the Palestinians in the two villages.

The demolition came without prior notice or due process; therefore, the Palestinians could not file appeals.

It is worth mentioning that Israel and its various cooperations control the natural resources in the occupied West Bank, an issue that forces the Palestinians to buy their water from them.

The Palestinians in the West Bank suffer serious water shortages, especially in the summer, while Israel’s illegal colonies on the stolen Palestinian lands have all the infrastructure they need, including water not only for drinking and daily use but also for their segregated swimming pools.